Ute Lake | 12 Shores at Ute Lake in New Mexico and the Southwest


One of the largest lakes in the Southwest. And home to big-time fun.


With 250 miles of shoreline and measuring 130 feet deep in some spots, Ute Lake is one of the largest bodies of water in the entire Southwest. But despite that fact, you won’t find that many bodies on the water. That’s because Ute Lake also happens to be one of New Mexico’s best-kept secrets. So not only can you can enjoy just about every kind of water sport imaginable, you won’t have to worry about on-lake traffic jams – just miles of wide-open stretches of water waiting for you and your family.

Once the state record-holder for walleye, Ute Lake also boasts incredible fishing. Accomplished fishermen will enjoy the challenge offered by plenty of smallmouth bass. And the angling is also high-quality for crappie, catfish and panfish. Perhaps even better yet, with some bait, a bobber, and all the blue gills, your kids are bound to have fun fishing here, too.


Ute Lake is waiting. So get ready to have your fill of fun.